Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

Store Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in your own wallet.

  • Control Your Own Keys

    A hardware wallet generates it own private keys that others can’t access unless you divulge them.

  • Buy, Sell, Transfer Coins

    Buy, Sell, and Transfer your cryptocoins using the keys generated in the hardware Bitcoin wallet.

  • Locked Up

    Protects against malware hacks because the hacker must be there to press the button on CryptoCacheKey to confirm a SEND transaction.

  • Airgap Protection

    Disconnected from the internet and locked away, CryptoCacheKey offers airgap protection.

  • Wallet Recovery

    If your wallet is lost or broken, the private keys (and the coins protected by the private keys) can be recovered.

  • OTP Login

    A HW Bitcoin Wallet can generate the logins required for One-Time-Password protected websites.

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